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Digital release only: Lancee & Deadman – Shakesperience (2017)


A respectful and irreverent homage to some of Shakespeare’s best known sonnets and speeches. Nine songs packed in one vast dream. A dream where people live, toil, cower and die.

Lancee and Deadman are delightfully unencumbered by any ideas of what ‘should’ be done with the works of the bard. They take improvisational and synergetic composition as their starting point and add Lancee’s ear for detail and Deadman’s intuition for form into the mix later.

Lancee laces lyrical melodies, tight beats, classical, lounge and rock influences together with the seductive timbre of Deadman’s voice to produce a body of work that will feed a true Shakesperience soul.

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Ferdi Lancee – Music
Elkie Deadman – Vocals
* Major Kenneth Hearty – Guest Vocals on track 1
** mr. Jo King – Guest Vocals on track 7

01 – Prolific (2:55)*
02 – Sweet Thief (3:44)
03 – Lord Of My Love (2:50)
04 – Unsex Me (5:14)
05 – To Be Or Not To Be (4:05)
06 – A Journey (3:42)
07 – So True A Fool (4:12)**
08 – The Serpents Tooth (4:51)
09 – Nothing Will Become Of Nothing (2:22)

All songs written and performed by Ferdi Lancee & Elkie Deadman.
Lyrics inspired and based on sonnets and speeches written by William Shakespeare.

Label: Project X


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